Secure Document Exchange – How Secure Document Exchange Can Benefit Your Business

Secure Document Exchange (SDE) is an essential tool for businesses who need to transfer sensitive information. Sharing files via email could expose companies to a range of security dangers. This includes financial records such as customer information, intellectual property, and future business plans.

Secure document exchange software can help to eliminate these risks and provide a better overall experience for your customers and your staff. It is an efficient tool that lets users to upload, share, and sign off on documents with anyone at any time, anywhere.

More than 90,000 customers across diverse industries rely on Thru’s secure document exchange platform to work together securely. We are committed to ensuring that our solutions are secure and provide best security levels in the industry and provide security you need to know that your information is being protected at all times. We allow users to UNshare files (revoke access) at any time regardless of whether the file has been downloaded to an individual device. This gives you full control over your data.

Secure document exchange tools can decrease the number of manual steps within your workflow and help save your team members significant amounts of time. For instance, a straightforward procedure like sending an executed document for signatures can be automatically saved in the correct folder within your client portal, removing the need for manual action by a team member. This is especially useful for utility providers which have monthly statements and evidence of identity are commonplace. Automating these types of approvals can speed up decisions and get services set up or cancelled faster, which can enhance the customer journey and increase efficiency for all.

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